Sick or dead trees may not always be easy to identify. Some trees are beyond help while other trees can be saved. Sick and dead trees are not only unsightly, they can be a danger to you, your property, neighbors, and other plants and trees. Throughout the year, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the trees on your property. Take note if you see any changes in the tree that are odd or troubling. If you think a tree in your yard is in distress or dead, it’s time to call a tree specialist. A tree specialist can determine if your tree should be removed from your property.

As a Jacksonville tree service company, our team at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons offers tree removal services. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove a tree for safety reasons. Our team of certified arborists have the knowledge, experience, and equipment do remove your tree (or trees) safely and correctly. We specialize in difficult-to-remove trees. We remove trees with the goal of minimizing the damage to your surrounding landscape.

Our team at Bushor’s wanted to share some signs of when you should get a tree removed from your property. If your tree has any of the signs below, call us and we will come and evaluate the tree(s) and determine if the tree can be saved or needs to be removed.

Does Your Tree Need to Be Removed?

If you’re questioning if a tree in your yard may need to be removed, consider the following:

  • Does the tree have a lot of missing bark? Is it falling off?
  • Is your tree infested with bugs?
  • Is your tree discolored? Are the leaves or bark discolored?
  • Is the tree missing large sections of leaves?
  • Does your tree have a widowmaker? A widowmaker is a branch that is broken off from the tree. It gets wedged in the other branches and can be a potential hazard if it falls.
  • Is your tree leaning?
  • Is fungus growing on your tree?

At Bushor’s, we will remove your tree if we determine the tree is too sick to save or is already dead. We remove dead, damaged, and dying trees in Jacksonville. Dead or sick trees are a huge hazard to your property. These trees can break or fall at any time. You don’t want a dead tree or branch hitting you, a loved one, the house, a car, or a neighbor.

We don’t just remove dead or sick trees, if there is a tree that is a potential hazard to your home or in the way of new construction (shed, pool), we will remove the tree.

Don’t try removing trees on your property on your own. Tree removal is a dangerous process, and it should be handled by certified arborists who have experience and the right tools.  Our certified arborists know how to remove trees of all sizes and difficulty.

If we look at the tree and decide it can be saved, we will try and save the tree, offer solutions, and not remove it. Sometimes, tree replanting, soil treatment, and other practices can save the tree, but many times, diseases, infestations or other damage are too far gone.

Looking for Tree Removal Services in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you have any concerns about trees on your property, call our Jacksonville arborists today! We will examine and evaluate the health of the tree and come up with a plan to save or remove the tree. Our arborists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons in Jacksonville will arrive with the proper tools, equipment, and experience to evaluate your tree(s) and get the job done! Our arborists will let you know if your tree is sick/dead, how and why it may be sick/dead, and what your next steps should be.

Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is a tree service company based in Jacksonville, Florida, and services customers in Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine, Florida. Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our Tree Removal Jacksonville Fl contact page to learn more and to set up an appointment with one of our certified arborists.