Believe it or not, trees get sick and need to be groomed. They’re basically like a person! However, unlike a person, trees can’t help themselves when they’re sick or need a trim! We need to look out for them. Trees go through many normal changes and stages, but how can you determine if your tree needs help?

If you don’t know much about trees or tree health, it can be difficult to determine if your tree is sick, needs a trimming, or needs to be removed. If you’re unsure of the state of your trees, it’s probably time for you to call a certified arborist and tree specialist to diagnose your trees. Don’t just guess what’s wrong with your tree, because you could end up hurting your tree more.

Our team at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons are ISA certified arborists will look over your trees and give you a proper diagnosis of tree conditions or tree maintenance options and recommend the proper and most economical steps for you to take to give your trees the best chance of living a long and healthy life. In our diagnosis, we also offer a Resistograph service, which is an “MRI” of the tree to determine the state of its health.

Signs Your Tree May Need A Professional Evaluation

For this article, we want to share with you some signs to look out for that may mean your trees need help. If you see any of these things, contact our team of tree specialists to diagnose your tree.

  • Be on the lookout for changes in the tree, both physical and behavioral
  • Is your tree missing or dropping a lot of leaves? Your tree may not be producing enough nutrients.
  • Are a lot of the tree’s branches breaking or falling off? The tree could have weakness in its wood.
  • Does your tree have a fungus on it?
  • Do you notice an excessive number of insects on or in the tree?
  • Is your tree leaking a brown/black leaking from the substance?
  • Is your tree leaning (when it never has before)?
  • Is your tree’s bark falling off often and in large amounts?

If you notice of any of these issues with your tree, it’s best to try and solve the problem right away. Your tree could be dying, sick, dead, or just in need of a trim. At Bushor’s, we will do everything we can to nurse your tree back to health and help keep it alive. As a last resort, we will remove the tree if it is dead or diseased. A dead or diseased tree can be a danger to you, your property, and other trees and plants on your property. Don’t wait – call a tree specialist to diagnose your tree as soon as possible!

Some trees are not sick, dead, or diseased…they just need a good trim. Sometimes, trees get too big for their own good; they might be touching your house or other plants, which can hurt their branches or keep them from receiving the proper oxygen or sunlight they need. Sometimes, trees grow in strange directions and just need to be moved to a new location to thrive.

Our certified arborists will diagnose your trees and come up with a plan to save or remove the tree from your property. Whether your tree needs a soil treatment or needs to be trimmed or sprayed, we solve the problem! Each tree is different, and we come up with a specialized plan for each tree we meet.

Looking for Tree Care Services in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you’re concerned about a tree (or trees) on your property, it’s time to call a Jacksonville arborist! Our certified arborists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons will arrive with the proper tools, equipment, and experience to evaluate your tree(s) and determine what is wrong with them. Our arborists will inform you on what is wrong with your tree(s) and how we plan to fix the problem.

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