Trees are beautiful, especially when taken care of; however, trees’ roots aren’t as aesthetically pleasing. Not only can roots be unsightly, they can also be a hazard, invasive, and make it hard for you to maintain your yard.

Should you just cut the roots? No! A tree needs its roots. Veins are to humans as roots are to trees. Roots deliver all the water and nutrients to the tree so it can grow and live each day. If you have a tree (or trees) in your yard with a lot of exposed (and large) roots, there are some solutions.

As a tree services company, few tree professionals know the trees of Greater Jacksonville as well as we do. We know exactly how to care for roots (exposed and not exposed). For this article, we wanted to share with you some tips on how to deal with above-ground tree roots.

Tips on Managing Your Tree’s Roots

  • Cover or “hide” the roots with mulch. You can cover the roots with two to three inches of much. The mulch acts as a protective cover to the roots, while also giving the roots moisture. Under the mulch, your tree and yard with have a more refined and polished look.
  • You can also cover or “hide” roots with gravel (or little rocks). Before placing down the gravel, put landscape on top of the roots. Then, pour two inches of gravel on top of the roots. Under the gravel, you will be creating a completely different look for your yard.
  • Don’t put topsoil on the roots. The roots will suffocate and get dehydrated. Roots can also grow through topsoil, which defeats the purpose of using it.
  • Do not cover a tree’s roots with concrete. The concrete will also cause the roots to suffocate and become dehydrated. Just like topsoil, roots can break through concrete, so if you just laid down a new path or patio, it will eventually have cracks all through it from the roots growing.
  • Don’t cut roots that are wider than two inches, because these roots are what help keep the tree strong and stable.
  • Do not cut roots near the base of the trunk; these roots also keep the tree stable.
  • Never cut more than 20 percent of your tree’s exposed roots at one time.

It’s in your best interest to hide the roots and not cut them. One or two wrong cuts could be devastating for your tree. There are certain situations where it is necessary to cut a tree’s roots. For example, if a tree’s roots are growing into a driveway or home and compromising the structure, the roots will have to be cut back.

If you are nervous to hide or cut the roots of your tree or you are unsure of what to do with your tree’s roots, leave it to Jacksonville tree specialists! Our certified tree arborists know exactly when and how to cut a tree’s roots. We also know how to properly cover a tree’s roots, as well.

Need Tree Care Services in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you’re sick of looking at ugly roots in your yard, it’s time to call the tree professionals. At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, we know and love trees. We’ve been in the tree business for more than 50 years.

We know how to care for Jacksonville and Florida trees. Our four certified arborists ensure the highest quality of tree care in the city. After looking at your trees, we will formulate a care plan and let you know if the tree’s roots should be cut or just hidden. We will find a solution that makes your yard look better while also keeping the tree healthy.

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