In Florida, droughts often happen during the dry season, which is in the winter. Throughout Florida, the dry season has brought up hundreds of wildfires all across the state due to the trees and forests being so dry.  

What does a drought do to your tree? Trees need water to thrive and survive just like humans. When a tree lacks water, it can become weak, damaged and may even die. Trees that are already weak may not stand a chance against a drought. Whole forests can be burned up because of a drought. When severely dehydrated, a tree is not healthy and cannot fight off pests, weather damage, and diseases.  

On average, if a tree experiences stress from a drought, it can take five years (or more) for the tree to recover. In some cases, trees can never recover from a drought. A drought can keep a tree from growing or keep a tree in a dormant state. Many trees stressed from a drought often never fully grow.  

A tree specialist knows how to handle any type and size of tree – they’re experts in tree care! Tree specialists, like our team at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, have the right equipment combined with years of experience and skills.  Our job as tree specialists is to keep your trees looking good and feeling good all throughout the year. We will always strive to save and care for your trees and help you with all your tree needs whether big or small.

How Can a Drought Damage a Tree?

A drought can cause both short-term and long-term damage to a tree. Short-term damage a tree can experience from a drought includes leaf scorch, defoliation, and wilting. Long-term damage can experience from a drought includes branch die-back, stunted growth, and death. You may not even notice damage to your tree until three years after the drought occurred, believe it or not.  

If your area is going through a drought, it’s important to consistently monitor your trees. Keep your tree’s roots moist as much as you can, unless there is a water ban. Water your trees as much as the ban will allow. Weed regularly so the weeds aren’t stealing water from the trees. Put nutrients into the soil, if lacking, to help the tree stay strong.  

Our team at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons can determine quickly if your tree is under stress from a drought. If you’re worried about your tree, don’t ignore it. Even if it isn’t a drought and your tree is showing signs of damage or distress, you need to get help for your tree. Our team of arborists will help your tree through its stress and work hard to save it. If the tree is too far gone and is dying or dead, we will recommend the removal of the tree.  

Hire a Tree Service in Jacksonville, Fl

Don’t let your trees suffer! If a drought has passed and your trees still aren’t looking OK, you’ll want to call a tree professional. Our Bushor’s Tree Surgeons team will evaluate your potentially-stressed trees and let you know how damaged they are and if they can be nurtured back to health.  

We have four certified arborists on our team who know how to care for trees in distress in Florida and the Jacksonville area.  At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, we know and love trees, and we do what it takes to keep your trees from having to be removed. We’ve been in the tree business for more than 50 years.  We give our clients the highest quality tree care in the Jacksonville area. If you need a diagnosis of conditions for your trees, Bushor’s Tree Surgeons are at your service.  

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