Tree trimming and pruning serve two essential purposes, maintaining the health of the tree and creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons performs hazard reduction and maintenance services to keep your trees beautiful and healthy.

We have three certified arborists available for tree trimming in Jacksonville FL. Few people know this city as well as we do — between us we’ve been doing this for a combined total of 100 years.

Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Weak branches can break off in a windstorm and damage your home or vehicles. To prevent safety hazards, keep your trees properly trimmed and pruned.

Thinning out limbs and pruning branches also improves the appearance of the tree and gives your home’s curb appeal a boost. On the other hand, untrimmed trees often grow unbalanced and misshapen. So, trimming your trees improves the aesthetics of your landscape and prevents the tree’s canopy from overshadowing the entire yard.

Benefits of Regular Trimming

Proper trimming eliminates dead branches which can present a safety hazard and cause further decay. There are many other benefits of hiring our team for regular tree trimming in Jacksonville, including the following:

  • Trimming improves the structure of the tree, preventing uneven or weak branches that cross one another and compete for space.
  • Trimming your trees improves air circulation and sun exposure within the canopy and improves sunlight exposure to the underlying landscape.
  • Pruning fruit trees improves the quality of the fruit by exposing more of the tree to sunlight.
  • Pruning newly planted trees trains them into a pleasing shape and compensates for root loss.
  • Tree trimming and pruning improve visibility on your property.

When to Schedule Tree Trimming in Jacksonville, Florida

When trees are dormant, that’s the best time to call us for tree trimming in Jacksonville. FL. however, there are advantages to trimming in different seasons. For example, we can provide light pruning services whenever you want to remove deadwood and improve the health and appearance of your trees. Additionally, we recommend including seasonal pruning in your lawn maintenance schedule.

Winter Tree Pruning

Many trees go dormant in the winter, making this an ideal time for pruning. Winter pruning usually occurs between autumn and spring, after the leaves fall off the tree and before buds appear. Winter pruning clears the way for a burst of spring growth. For safety reasons, we also recommend that you call us to remove loose limbs prior to the first heavy snowfall.

Summer Tree Pruning

Summer pruning and trimming also benefits your trees. We remove damaged branches an any diseased limbs to protect the rest of the tree. In particular, we prefer to prune fruit trees in the summer to contain the spread of disease. Summer also provides a great opportunity to trim branches and create a balanced canopy.

Late-Summer/Early Fall Pruning

Some trees go dormant in late summer following a scarcity of water. Call us to trim these trees before the heavy rain begins in autumn.

Why You Should Call in the Professionals for Regular Tree Trimming

Call Bushor’s Tree Surgeons for tree trimming in Jacksonville, FL for superior results and courteous service. Choose us for the following benefits:

  • Well-trained professional
  • Certified Arborisa
  • Many years’ experience improving the health of CT tree
  • Focus on safety
  • Specialized equipped to trim and prune trees of all types and sizes
  • Technicians who respect your property

Contact us today to set up a trimming and pruning schedule for your trees.