If you’ve recently had a tree cut down in your yard, you may be wondering whether to have the leftover tree stumps removed. On the one hand, it gives a sense of wildness to the yard, but what are the potential hazards of leaving the tree roots intact? 

Despite the vision of having well-kept tree stumps that could serve as stools for garden gatherings, there are significant reasons to consider having them removed: 

Avoid Decay and Pests

If you leave a stump in place, it will begin to decompose and ultimately break down altogether. Dealing with this can be an extremely messy and time-consuming operation.

The decaying process attracts and creates a range of garden pests and organisms. Bacteria will appear around the root once the tree has been chopped down. You’ll likely have come into contact with various disruptive little creatures.

Carpenter ants are a frequent nuisance that is likely to build nests around the decaying stump. They may potentially make their way into your kitchen, posing severe threats to your home’s hygiene and comfort. Decaying tree roots will also attract termites.

Simplify Yard Care

Keeping your garden in good shape in terms of plant health and aesthetics is a substantial workload. Having to tend to the additional issues with leftover tree roots increases this workload by quite a margin. Between pests, mold, weeds, and the time it takes to cut around them when mowing carefully, you might regret the decision to keep them.

Minimizing Invasive Plants

Every yard is itself a small eco-system with several species of plants, insects, and other organisms striking a balance with each other. Keeping tree roots in your garden can lead to invasive plants and weeds.

Invasive plants tend to grow rapidly and be highly aggressive in claiming the vital nutrients that keep your grass healthy.

Garden Aesthetics 

The presence of a tree root in your yard can reduce the value of your home. Due to their unattractiveness, potential purchasers might be hesitant when considering buying your property. Hiring tree surgeons to remove it will increase the value of your property. 

Make Your Yard Safe For Children

Aside from the threat of attracting unpleasant pests, a tree stump might be harmful if left on the land. Having them around can cause children to trip when playing in the yard. 

Having More Open Space

A tree stump in the middle of your yard reduces the amount of open space for running, exercising, or doing other activities. You’ll also have to tiptoe around it when doing garden chores constantly.

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