Whether you live on the Florida coast or inland, hurricanes and tropical storms have likely caused severe damage to trees on your property at some point. Before 2019, tree removal in Jacksonville, FL, required property owners to obtain approval from an arborist and a city permit. As of 2019, Jacksonville residents do not need a tree removal permit from the city. However, they need a certified arborist to declare whether the tree is dangerous to individuals or the homeowner.

More About the New Florida Tree Removal Law

The “Private Property Rights” (HB 1159) law states the following about tree removal Jacksonville FL residents should know:

  • Prohibits local governments (city or county) from requiring permits, approvals, mitigation, or applications for trimming, pruning, or removing trees from residential properties IF the property owner can provide documentation from a certified arborist that the tree is a danger to people and/or property structures.
  • Prohibits city or county governments from mandating a property owner plant a new tree in place of the tree they had removed. The exception to this involves mangrove protection laws.
  • Property owners living next to electric poles and other utilities can ask the utility company to perform tree and plant maintenance without local government approval.
  • Local Florida governments are prohibited from adopting land development regulations or ordinances that mandate the planting of trees that may reach heights over 14 feet near electric utilities.

For Professional Tree Removal Jacksonville FL Residents Depend on Bushor’s Tree Surgeons

When you need trees removed because they are dying, damaged, or causing a potential danger to your home and property, Bushor’s Tree Surgeons provides expert tree removal, pruning/trimming, and stump removal services under the guidance of four licensed arborists.
A licensed arborist is credentialed by the International Society of Aboriculture (ISA), the only credentialing body recognized by the arboricultural industry. Arborists earning an ISA certification are highly knowledgeable in assessing the condition of trees, identifying tree diseases, and recommending the right kind of treatment for trees with insect infestations or diseases.

People hire arborists for tree removal in Jacksonville, FL so they can provide local departments with specific documentation regarding the danger a tree poses to nearby buildings and human life. Arborists are also skilled in removing trees because they know how to use the appropriate equipment and techniques necessary for efficiently and safely felling a tree.

If you need tree removal Jacksonville FL arborists working at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons can also recommend the type of tree that would best suit your property’s criteria for replanting purposes.

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