Tree surgeons care, maintain, and repair trees, hedgerows, and shrubs to ensure they are healthy. These horticultural maintenance experts, or arborists, are professionally trained and certified to carry out tree repair and maintenance services. They help improve tree health standards and enhance their appearance.


Tree surgery involves various tasks, including using powerful machinery and working from heights. That’s why it’s considered one of the most dangerous jobs that only completely qualified tree surgeons should do.

Responsibilities of a Tree Surgeon

In most cases, tree surgeons offer a range of services that include:

Felling and removal

One of the most common duties of tree surgeons is cutting down damaged, disease-infected, or hazardous trees in the surroundings. They remove dead trees or healthy ones as clients request, using specialized machinery.

Crown reduction

Tree surgery also includes removing part of the tree’s canopy to control crown oversize and help increase light.

Tree pruning

Tree surgeons trim tree branches to reduce the weight off the tree and maintain tree health. They just don’t cut any branches. They first inspect the tree to determine which branches are appropriate for pruning to avoid over-pruning.

Stump grinding and removal

After felling a tree, tree surgeons remove or grind the stump to prevent it from rotting or unsafely causing an obstruction. The process involves chemical and mechanical means to remove the stump.

Storm damage removal

Rain and extremely high winds can cause serious damage to trees. Storms cause trees to fall on the roads, pavements, or over the roof. Tree surgeons are mostly called upon to provide emergency storm damage removal and tree care services.

In addition to the mentioned tree surgeon duties, their job responsibilities also include the following:

  • Conducting tree surveys and generating reports
  • Creating tree services quotes and invoices
  • Operating heavy machinery during the tree care process
  • Following set guidelines and safety procedures
  • Appropriately using personal protective equipment
  • Climbing to extreme heights during tree care

Skills that Successful Tree Surgeon Possess

Tree surgeons are proficient with power tools and other dangerous machinery like trimmers, chainsaws, secateurs, and hedge cutters. They should also know how to clean and store equipment. They also have extensive knowledge of tree growth patterns, tree species, tree care techniques, and pest or disease infestation signs.


To become a tree surgeon, a simple start is enrolling in an apprenticeship program or a course at an accredited college. However, you must be ready to climb extremely high heights, use power tools and learn necessary safety precautions. You can acquire all these skills through experience while working as an intern or a trainee tree surgeon. 


Remember becoming a tree surgeon is a hands-on job that needs lots of experience with machine operations, tree care, forestry, and horticulture.

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