There are various reasons a tree may need removal — not only is it dangerous to leave a dead or diseased tree standing in your yard, but it’s also unattractive and can cause problems with the structure of your home. In addition, dead trees can pose a danger of falling branches, attract pests, endanger power lines and make your property look untidy.

Removal of dead, sick, and damaged trees is necessary for your property, and it would help if tree removal is done at the best time of the year. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, your local Certified Arborist, recommends tree trimming, pruning, and removal during winter. 

Tree Removal is Simpler When a Tree is Dormant

The lack of leaves on dormant trees makes them more manageable because they are lighter and produce less waste. A Certified Arborist will have an easy time seeing, cutting, and handling the branches.

This also means offering tree inspection service throughout the winter is better. A skilled eye can still see the defects and fractures in the tree even when leafy, but it is undeniable that an inspection is more superficial when the leaves are absent.

Signs That Show Your Tree Needs Quick Removal and Inspection

Although winter is the best time for tree removal and inspection, sometimes, tree inspection or removal can’t wait. You may need urgent tree removal or inspection service if you notice a tree has sudden lean, dead limbs, root damage, hanging branches, or any abnormality. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is your nearest service for tree removal in Jacksonville FL.