How To Clean Up Tree Debris After a Storm

It’s the time of year when everyone is getting prepared for storms, particularly hurricanes. While you’re stocking up on canned goods and water, you should also learn how to clean up debris from your trees after a storm. Learning what to do after a storm can make you feel more prepared when the storm comes. While learning how to clean up is important, you will also want to have the number of a tree care service in your area in case there is tree damage you can’t clean up on your own.

Inspect the Damage

The first thing to do after a storm is to inspect the damage. Inspecting will help you make a plan for the best way to clean up your yard. You will also need to check on how trees that haven’t fallen or broken are doing. While you’re inspecting the damage you will also be checking for problem trees that could cause damage if there is another storm. Check to see if any trees are leaning, it might be a sign of root damage.

Cut Large Pieces Into Smaller Ones

If a large tree limb or an entire tree falls in your yard, cut it into smaller pieces. Large pieces are hard to move. Cutting the tree into smaller pieces will make it easier to move and dispose of.

Trim Small Branches

If your tree has damage on some of its smaller branches after a storm, bust out some of your repair tools and trim the branches. Trimming damaged branches can ensure your tree’s health in the long term. Trimming those branches will help your tree grow back and heal after it is damaged.

Call the Professionals

If there are trees leaning on one another, large limbs or trees that have fallen on your home, car, or another part of your property, call a tree care service. A tree care service will be able to remove the tree without further damage to your property. Arborists can also determine if your trees are still healthy after a storm.

Looking for Tree Care Services in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you’re looking for post-storm services for your trees or branches, it’s time to call a Jacksonville arborist!

Our certified arborists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons will arrive with the proper tools, equipment, and experience to evaluate your tree(s) and determine if branches close to or over your home are a risk. Our arborists will inform you of what branches should be trimmed or removed. We believe in saving trees, but we also believe in keeping your home safe. 

Our team can safely and easy remove tree branches from trees overhanging on your property. We know how to trim, relocate, and care for trees so that they will be healthy year-long. 

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