Jacksonville, FL, has its share of trees. Many are old and tall and in need of care. There’s no need to ever wonder about tree service in Jacksonville, FL, ever again. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons has cared for the region’s trees for over fifty years.

Anyone can cut down a tree. Only an arborist knows the proper way to cut down a tree. An arborist makes answering the question of finding tree service near me easy if you live in the Jacksonville area.

Bushor Tree Service

If you need tree removal in Jacksonville, FL, Bushor’s Tree Surgeons has professional arborists. Our climbing and rigging experts carefully prune branches from high trees. In addition, Bushor diagnoses tree conditions that cause disease and tree damage to complete tree removal and install cable supports. Services include:

  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Custom blended fertilizers for special care
  • Disease treatment and diagnosis
  • Extra high pruning and tree management
  • Emergency services after storms
  • Cable and rope support for difficult situations

Your Trusted Family Owned and Operated Tree Service

We’ve been in business for over fifty years, offering our community quality tree care at reasonable prices. We understand how valuable trees are in our part of the country.

Nothing beautifies a property quicker than carefully pruned trees and shrubs. Combined with landscaped architecture, well-cared-for trees bring an outdoor space to life. If you have any tree issues, call our arborists.