23 Sep 2021

Caring for Your Tree’s Health

Tree Care Basics

We keep trees healthy by constantly adhering to a few fundamental principles:

  • Always maintaining extra care when using herbicides and avoiding their use whenever possible. Even when applied to an area not near a tree, herbicides can drift, causing damage and even killing the tree’s roots.
  • Avoiding excess fertilization. Fertilizer is healthy for trees in small doses. Still, too much of it can impair a tree’s ability to resist pests and diseases. It’s all about balance.
  • Watering lawns correctly. That means giving trees the equivalent of one inch of rainwater every week to 10 days. Tree watering is also best done before sunrise or after sunset.
  • Using mulch instead of turf. Mulch benefits tree health in many ways. It helps the roots maintain soil moisture, protects the tree from vehicle or lawn equipment damage and reduces competition from invasive weeds.

Caring for Mature Trees

Like all living creatures, trees suffer the effects of aging. It’s a bummer, but it’s part of the life cycle. As trees mature, they become susceptible to diseases and other afflictions such as environmental degradation and insect damage. We stay ahead of these problems by regularly inspecting mature trees and providing preventative care and maintenance when needed. A few ways we keep our mature trees healthy are:

  • Inspecting them at least once per year, more frequently for trees with prior health issues.
  • Managing the soil around the tree, checking pH levels and avoiding excess fertilization.
  • Mulching the area around the tree to reduce environmental stress and provide a healthier root environment.

Avoiding Storm Damage

Living in Jacksonville, FL, we’ve learned to go the extra mile in protecting our trees from storm damage. Our first line of defense is to keep our trees healthy and fortified, reducing the chance they will suffer damage in a storm.

That said, in the event of a major storm, the damage is inevitable. If you suspect one of your trees was damaged in a storm, we recommend not dealing with the problem yourself. 

One, damaged trees present a number of safety hazards. Two, a tree specialist will have the tools and experience to deal with the situation in the best way.

Contact the tree specialists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons today to learn more about keeping your trees healthy.

15 Jun 2021

Bringing New Life to Your Landscape with Bushor’s Tree Surgeons

When you first hear the term ‘tree surgeon’, you may wonder what that job really entails. The term ‘tree surgeons’ and ‘arborists’ are used interchangeably to refer to professionals who care for trees and plants.

At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, our expert team has a passion for keeping your landscape and trees in good health and looking their best.

In this guide, we break down how our tree surgeon professionals can bring your landscape new life.


  • What to Expect Bushor’s Tree Surgeons’ Certified Team
  • Some of Bushor’s Tree Surgeons Top Services
  • Get the Best Care For the Trees Around Your Home

What to Expect Bushor’s Tree Surgeons’ Certified Team

A tree surgeon is skilled in the proper maintenance and removal of trees in an urban setting. However, their job isn’t limited to only pruning and removing trees. You can count on them to provide a plethora of tree care services, such as: 

  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Fertilization
  • Stump Removal
  • Diagnosing Tree Diseases

Some of Bushor’s Tree Surgeons Top Services:

Tree care is a job best left to professionals. 

DIY or using the services of an unqualified person could easily lead to injury, destruction of property, and irrevocable damage to your trees. 

Hiring a reputable tree specialist like Bushor’s Tree Surgeons ensures exceptional services in the following areas:

  • Limb Removal: 

    • Whether you need to prune the branches of your tree to enhance growth or remove limbs that interfere with structures or other trees, it’s best to leave tree cutting jobs to experts to ensure your safety and the best result.
  • Tree Maintenance: 

    • Bushor’s Tree Surgeons can help diagnose different ailments in trees and offer a reliable solution. We have the knowledge needed to care for damaged trees and give them a new life. We will also examine your trees and advise you to remove them if they have the potential to cause hazards.
  • Tree Removal: 

    • At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, we have the right skill and experience to remove trees of all sizes. Even in tricky surroundings, we provide exceptional services without causing damage to your landscape or property. 
  • Maintaining the Landscape: 

    • Your trees and shrubs need to be well maintained to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Trimming small plants may seem easy, but you need professional expertise to trim big branches, diagnose problems, recommend a solution and achieve the desired look.
  • Give Advice:

    • Professional tree surgeons can help you choose suitable trees for your landscape and position them well within your yard. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons offer valuable information on how to care for trees from when you plant them until they’re mature.  Our advice can help grow healthy trees and make your landscape more interesting and alluring.

Get the Best Care For the Trees Around Your Home:

If you want to give the best care to the trees around your home, it’s best to do it with an expert team that shares your passion for trees. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons’ professional tree surgeons can teach you maintenance techniques and proper care to ensure that your trees maintain their integrity and overall wellness. Whether it’s for commercial or residential projects, you can trust our tree specialists to offer knowledgeable services to protect the beauty and health of your trees.

18 Mar 2021

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning serve two essential purposes, maintaining the health of the tree and creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons performs hazard reduction and maintenance services to keep your trees beautiful and healthy.

We have three certified arborists available for tree trimming in Jacksonville FL. Few people know this city as well as we do — between us we’ve been doing this for a combined total of 100 years.

Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Weak branches can break off in a windstorm and damage your home or vehicles. To prevent safety hazards, keep your trees properly trimmed and pruned.

Thinning out limbs and pruning branches also improves the appearance of the tree and gives your home’s curb appeal a boost. On the other hand, untrimmed trees often grow unbalanced and misshapen. So, trimming your trees improves the aesthetics of your landscape and prevents the tree’s canopy from overshadowing the entire yard.

Benefits of Regular Trimming

Proper trimming eliminates dead branches which can present a safety hazard and cause further decay. There are many other benefits of hiring our team for regular tree trimming in Jacksonville, including the following:

  • Trimming improves the structure of the tree, preventing uneven or weak branches that cross one another and compete for space.
  • Trimming your trees improves air circulation and sun exposure within the canopy and improves sunlight exposure to the underlying landscape.
  • Pruning fruit trees improves the quality of the fruit by exposing more of the tree to sunlight.
  • Pruning newly planted trees trains them into a pleasing shape and compensates for root loss.
  • Tree trimming and pruning improve visibility on your property.

When to Schedule Tree Trimming in Jacksonville, Florida

When trees are dormant, that’s the best time to call us for tree trimming in Jacksonville. FL. however, there are advantages to trimming in different seasons. For example, we can provide light pruning services whenever you want to remove deadwood and improve the health and appearance of your trees. Additionally, we recommend including seasonal pruning in your lawn maintenance schedule.

Winter Tree Pruning

Many trees go dormant in the winter, making this an ideal time for pruning. Winter pruning usually occurs between autumn and spring, after the leaves fall off the tree and before buds appear. Winter pruning clears the way for a burst of spring growth. For safety reasons, we also recommend that you call us to remove loose limbs prior to the first heavy snowfall.

Summer Tree Pruning

Summer pruning and trimming also benefits your trees. We remove damaged branches an any diseased limbs to protect the rest of the tree. In particular, we prefer to prune fruit trees in the summer to contain the spread of disease. Summer also provides a great opportunity to trim branches and create a balanced canopy.

Late-Summer/Early Fall Pruning

Some trees go dormant in late summer following a scarcity of water. Call us to trim these trees before the heavy rain begins in autumn.

Why You Should Call in the Professionals for Regular Tree Trimming

Call Bushor’s Tree Surgeons for tree trimming in Jacksonville, FL for superior results and courteous service. Choose us for the following benefits:

  • Well-trained professional
  • Certified Arborisa
  • Many years’ experience improving the health of CT tree
  • Focus on safety
  • Specialized equipped to trim and prune trees of all types and sizes
  • Technicians who respect your property

Contact us today to set up a trimming and pruning schedule for your trees.

20 Jan 2021

The Link Between Tree Trimming and the Winter Season

Tree care is a necessary service to ensure the appearance and integrity of your trees. By regularly taking care of your trees, you will reduce potential hazards to surrounding structures and vegetation, keeping your yard looking crisp, like cold winter air.

Unlike other seasons, winter is a slow one when it comes to outdoor growth. Some may feel this is a period of relaxation from the constant mowing, weed-pulling, and planting of other seasons. However, tree trimming is a task that is best suited for the wintertime for multiple reasons, stemming from safety precautions to maintaining the health of your trees.

Winter Helps with Branch Visibility

During the warmer seasons like summer and spring, the top of a tree, known as the crown, is lush with leaves that make it hard to navigate through the branches. With little visibility, it can be dangerous for arborists to make important cuts. During winter, trees shed their leaves, exposing the intricacy of the branches, making it easier for arborists to perform necessary tree trimming because dead or diseased branches are easier to spot and remove. Also, if any branches are growing off the overall growth pattern, they are easier to prune.

Tree’s Become Dormant During Winter

As temperatures decrease, trees enter a dormant state. Activities such as growing and producing buds and fruits, or transferring sunlight into energy using photosynthesis, are stopped while the tree rests. Dormancy is the perfect time to trim because the trees have stored this energy from the growing season to last through the winter. The tree is in the best possible condition to endure and defend the surgical-like cuts of tree pruning. This leads us to the next reason why winter is the best time for tree trimming: Your trees are safest from pests and parasites that could cause infections.

Dormancy Protects a Tree’s Health After Trimming

Just as a tree enters dormancy in winter, so do the pests and microbes that would prey on the open wounds of a pruning job. These cuts emit a particular scent that attracts insects that feed on and bore into the plant tissue. Like a cut on your skin can lead to potential infection, as can cuts on a tree. However, if these parasites are not on the prowl like during the winter, a tree is safe from disease-carrying insects, giving the tree ample opportunity to heal the trims.

Searching For Professional Help With All Your Winter Tree Needs?

Here at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, we take pride in our work and hold the necessary qualifications to be your trusted Jacksonville tree specialists. We can help you maintain the health of your trees, from trimming to even tree removal. With over 100 years of combined Arboricultural experience, our team knows we can work with you to find real tree solutions while maintaining your safety, our safety, and the safety of your property and vegetation. Please visit our services page or contact us at 904-731-9100 to request a tree trimming consultation today.

20 Dec 2020

What Exactly is a Tree Surgeon?

“Tree surgeon” is a role that many people may not be familiar with. The role of a tree surgeon encompasses everything from pruning trees to diagnosis and general treatment, care and maintenance of trees. Many aspects of a tree surgeon’s job can be considered to be dangerous, and so it is important to call in the professionals when dealing with potentially dangerous scenarios.

What does a tree surgeon do?

A tree surgeon can handle caring for your trees, from maintenance and diagnosis to removal.

As part of tree maintenance, tree surgeons can handle pruning/trimming. It is important to remove dead or weak branches to maintain the overall health of your tree. They can climb the length of your tree and ensure that no branches are missed. This process can prove to be extremely dangerous, but tree surgeons are trained to handle heavy equipment while suspended a long way from the ground.

For existing trees, it can be hard to determine when there is a problem, or even if there is a problem. Tree surgeons can inspect and diagnose your trees and determine an appropriate treatment plan, or if your tree should be removed.

If your tree or tree stump does need to be removed, tree surgeons can take care of that as well. When removing trees, it is important to not leave anything behind, and their specialized equipment ensures a clean removal.

When you plant a new tree, you may do so with absolute care, but sometimes it may require a little more help. A new tree may require cabling or bracing for support. And as your trees get old, they may lose their structural integrity, so this may also require cabling or bracing. Tree surgeons are able to determine what is needed and can help support your tree.

A professional tree surgery service, such as Bushor’s Tree Surgeons can take care of all of your tree needs, from planting to removing. Their team of certified arborists can handle any job, big or small.

Looking for a Tree Surgeon in Jacksonville, FL?

When it comes to your trees, you may realize that some of the more dangerous or specialized jobs should be left to the professionals. Tree surgeons are the professionals you should call for any of your tree needs. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is a tree service company in Jacksonville, Florida, and services customers in Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine, Florida. For every job, our team of certified arborists comes prepared with the necessary knowledge and quality equipment to produce the safest and cleanest results.

Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our contact page to learn more and to set up an appointment.

20 Nov 2020

Is it Time to Consider Tree Removal?

Even if you are not a “nature lover,” it can be a bit sad when a tree needs to be removed. Many of us have good memories with the trees in our properties or parks. They provide shade, places to play hide-and-seek, a place to climb, a nice place to have a picnic under, and they look nice too.

Construction aside, sometimes trees need to be removed if they are sick, diseased, or pose a threat to your property or loved ones. Trees can add great value to people’s property and lives, so it can be hard to let them go, but if your tree is putting people, property or other trees at risk, it’s time to consider tree removal.
Most of us are not tree experts, and cannot always tell what’s in the best interest for the tree – this is when you call a tree specialist in. A tree specialist/certified arborist can examine the tree and determine if it can stay, if it can be moved elsewhere, or if it needs to be taken down and removed permanently.
As Jacksonville tree specialists, our team of certified arborists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons are experts in tree removal, but we do love trees and try to save them and keep them in their spot if possible.
If you are questioning tree removal, don’t push it off. Contact a tree specialist right away to determine if the tree is a hazard. The longer a dead, diseased, or dangerous tree is left unattended, the more likely it can cause problems or hurt someone.

Reasons to Consider Tree Removal

  • The tree is diseased or unhealthy. Is the tree showing signs of tree decay or have a lot of dead branches? You may need to consult a professional to determine if the tree is sick and if it can be nurtured back to health. Schedule a tree removal consultation with our team of ISA certified arborists to diagnose your tree’s condition.
  • The tree is overgrown and dangerously close to your home.  If the tree is too close, it can pose a danger to your home with falling branches. See if the tree can be replanted a safe distance from your home.
  • The tree is damaged, split, or severely broken. Intense storms can often cause severe damage to trees, which is often irreversible. If a large portion of the tree is damaged, it may be time to consider tree removal. Get the tree checked out. 
  • The tree is excessively dropping branches. If your tree is losing limbs frequently, you should have it inspected for disease or other structural issues. Sometimes, branch loss is normal, and the tree shouldn’t be removed. 
  • The tree is leaning toward your home, yard, or high traffic area. A leaning tree is a dangerous situation that should always be taken care of immediately. A tree specialist can make the proper decision about removing a leaning tree. 
  • The tree is obstructing your view of traffic. If your tree is endangering you or your neighbors’ view of a busy road, have this tree trimmed or completely removed to prevent dangerous driving conditions.
  • The tree has lost its structural integrity. The average person may not be able to tell if a tree is structurally sound or not. Get a professional inspection of your trees to see if you have any concerns on your property. 
  • The tree is dead. If your tree has died, this should be removed immediately.

Looking for Tree Removal Services in Jacksonville, FL?

Look to the professionals to remove a tree from your yard. Tree removal can be dangerous and it requires the care and expertise of a team of certified arborists to handle the removal process. Our team of tree specialists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons specialize in tree removal in Jacksonville.

If you want to learn more about whether or not you should have a tree removed, contact our Jacksonville arborists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons to schedule a consultation.

Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is a tree service company in Jacksonville, Florida, and services customers in Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine, Florida. Our team offers five-star tree removal services in Jacksonville, Florida. Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our Tree Removal contact page to learn more and to set up an appointment with one of our certified arborists.


14 Oct 2020

Why Tree Service Should Be Left to the Professionals

To many, hiring a professional Jacksonville, FL Tree Service company may not seem like an essential investment. However, the cost of your safety is never too high. Attempting an at-home tree job–one as small as a trimming, or as large as a tree removal– poses the same risk to your yard, house, and life. Tree work is not as simple as just taking a chainsaw to a tree. There are many other factors to take into consideration and one wrong move can cost you more in time, effort, and money.

At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, we treat the yards of our Jacksonville neighbors as our own. We understand that your property is an investment, and should be treated with the utmost care and respect. This is why hiring a professional Jacksonville, FL tree service company is crucial to maintain such high levels of service. Attempting a tree job on your own may seem optimal, but we can guarantee you that the pros do not outweigh the cons.

Reasons why Professional is Best 

Safety Comes First

First and foremost, safety is the top priority for all tree services. We have spent years refining our knowledge and skills in this industry. We understand the safety requirements that come with this line of work, specifically in terms of proper gear, tree physics and biology, and the correct process of trimming or removing a tree. While these nitty-gritty details may sound unnecessary, we assure you that they are not. 

For example, to fell a tree simply cutting the base will not do. The diameter of the crown is much larger than the trunk, so one has to be aware of the drop zone, as well as when and what limbs need to be trimmed, and how to properly guide the limbs using ropes or cables. This information is important because making an incorrect cut can be detrimental to surrounding vegetation, structures, and your well-being. Too often have amateur tree jobs lead to severe injury or even death. It is our job as professionals to prevent such tragedies. 

Tree Service is a Team Effort

Attempting a tree job at home is already dangerous enough, but attempting it alone only increases the odds of disaster. You need the help of others to gauge situations such as limb guiding. One person cuts, while the other safely navigates the limb to the ground. Also, an extra pair of eyes may notice things one might have overlooked. Such as powerlines/electrical cables entangled with limbs and leaves. These are one of the most common hazards faced by tree workers, so just in case of emergency, always have others present to help. 

Proper Tool Etiquette 

Furthermore, merely owning a chainsaw does not mean you are ready to tackle a tree job. There is a plethora of other gear needed that homeowners do not usually own. Such as harnesses, climbing rope, fasteners, helmets, and ladders. Yes, having the proper tools and gear ensures a safe job, but one must also take into consideration the correct use of this equipment. For example, you do not want to use a dull chainsaw to cut a tree. This is a sure way of losing control of the powerful tool because the user is forced to exert more pressure to saw through the wood. In addition, there are many industrial-grade apparatuses that are not found in the everyday individual’s garage.  These include wood chippers, aerial lifts, and cranes. 

Looking for Tree Care Services in Jacksonville, Fl?

Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is a team of certified arborists. We produce the highest quality of professional tree services in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, and St. Augustine, Florida. For every job, we come prepared with the necessary knowledge and quality equipment to produce the safest and cleanest results. 

Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our Tree  Care Specialist in Jacksonville Fl contact page to learn more and to set up an appointment with one of our certified arborists.


11 Sep 2020
The Risks of Hiring an Uninsured or Unlicensed Arborist

The Risks of Hiring an Uninsured or Unlicensed Arborist

Whether you need some simple plumbing work or need your roof fixed, you tend to look for a licensed professional to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. The same goes for tree care. You want to hire an insured and licensed arborist for tree care. Hiring an uninsured or unlicensed arborist comes with risks. You want to hire a person and/or company with credentials. Our team at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is experienced, licensed, and skilled individuals that are legally approved and recognized to work by the state. 

Tree work is dangerous. Tree pruning and removal requires skills and expertise, especially when dealing with trees around power lines, underground utilities and buildings. Not to mention, tree equipment is also dangerous as well. Working with trees is a risky job. You want someone certified and qualified!

It should not automatically be assumed that a tree service is licensed, so don’t be afraid to ask! If you hire a tree service company or individual without the proper licensure or insurance, you could be held liable for any damages to your trees, property, home, or for anyone-the-job injuries. You don’t want to deal with lawsuits and big bills.

If a tree service company is properly insured and licensed, they will easily be able to provide you with their credentials before taking on a job. 

Some good ways to tell if an arborist isn’t properly insured or licensed is if they don’t give a detailed description of their services, plan to use spikes to climb trees, or recommend topping your tree. If a tree service cannot explain their services or why they recommend it, this is a red flag. It’s also a red flag if the tree service wants to use spikes as it can cause damaging wounds to the tree or they want to top the tree because it leaves the tree weak and unstable.

Licensed and insured arborists have put in the time and effort to provide quality service to you. Their licenses show they know how to use professional and safe standards. 

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for customer referrals and reviews. If they are unable to give you any, they are likely not a reputable company. 

When you hire a licensed arborist, you are working with someone who knows how to work with trees, how to care for trees, and is fully versed in safety protocols. They are equipped to handle difficult situations, and can answer all your questions. 

Looking for Tree Care Services in Jacksonville, Fl?

At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, we are ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborists, which means we have extensive knowledge and experience caring for trees. It takes a minimum of three years of full-time experience in arboriculture to become a certified arborist. A degree in arboriculture, horticulture, landscape architecture, or forestry from a regionally accredited educational institute is also required.

Our certified arborists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons will arrive with the proper tools, equipment, and experience to evaluate your tree(s). Our arborists will inform you of what our evaluation revealed. 

Our team can safely trim, remove, and care for trees on your property. We know how to trim, relocate, and care for trees so that they will be healthy year-long. 

Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is a tree service company based in Jacksonville, Florida, and services customers in Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine, Florida. Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our Tree  Care Specialist in Jacksonville Fl contact page to learn more and to set up an appointment with one of our certified arborists.

03 Aug 2020

Clean Up Your Yard This Summer

Summer is a time for cleaning. One thing that can make a huge difference in making your house look cleaner is your yard. Sometimes overgrown or even large trees can make your yard seem cluttered. While you can do minor cleaning around the yard, tree removal can make your yard look brand new. This can, in turn, make your entire home look brand new as well. You may even find yourself spending more time outside!

Tree removal is not a DIY project that you can complete yourself. You should consider looking to the expert tree removal service in Jacksonville, FL. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons can come out and provide tree removal service so you don’t have to worry. Here are some reasons why you should hire professionals for tree removal service:

  • Tree removal can be a dangerous undertaking. It can be extremely tough to remove trees, and this can ultimately cause severe injuries, especially if you are not experienced.
  • Prevent damage to your yard, and even your property. If not done correctly, tree removal can damage your yard, even permanently. And if you are not careful, you may even end up causing harm to your own property. 
  • You don’t have to invest in proper equipment — save energy, and money. When you hire a tree removal service, they come with their own equipment that is specially designed to do the job. This means you don’t have to invest in your own equipment. This also means that the equipment is using up less of your energy. Thus, in the end, you are saving money, so this is a very economical option.
  • One less thing on your summer to-do list. Cross off this huge item on your list, without lifting a finger! Let someone else do the heavy lifting.
  • Spend more time and resources on focusing on a new yard. Out with the old, in with the new. If you let the professionals handle the tree removal service, you can focus on envisioning what you want your yard to look like, after the cutter has been cleared. This gives you more time to start planning and even building your dream yard.

By hiring a professional tree service in Jacksonville, FL, you can ensure the safety of yourself, your yard, and your property.


Looking for Tree Removal Service in Jacksonville, FL?

If you are seriously considering tree removal, it may be time to contact professionals. At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, our staff of Certified Arborists and Professional Tree Removal Experts in Jacksonville, FL have decades of combined experience in tree removal. Our team will arrive with the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to safely remove your tree.

Bushor’s Tree Surgeons’ staff of Professional Tree Surgeons in Jacksonville, FL has been providing exceptional tree removal service in Jacksonville, Florida and St. Augustine, Florida for over fifty years. You can learn more about our full-service tree care company by visiting our ‘About Us’ page. Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our Tree Trimming Services in Jacksonville, Florida CONTACT PAGE to set up your consultation with our team of professionals. Our tree care services include, but are not limited to Tree Removal, Tree Trimming/Pruning, Custom Blended Fertilizers, Tree Disease Diagnosis/Treatment, Cabling & Bracing, and Stump Removal.

22 Jun 2020

Things to Keep in Mind For Your Trees This Summer

Summer is here! As temperatures rise and people make use of their yards, trees are often a place where memories are made. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your yard stays beautiful and healthy through the summer months:

  • This is not the best time to plant new trees: While the best time to plant new trees really depends on the type of tree, for most types of trees, summer is not the best time. Due to the high temperatures, new trees have a slimmer chance of survival.
  • Be sure not to over-water: One may be prone to watering your tree more often than usual in the summer months due to the hot weather, but it is also possible to over-water your trees. Keep in mind that the best way to know when you should water your tree is to look at the soil condition. It can also be helpful to use mulch, as it helps to hold in moisture in the roots and it also helps to regulate the temperature.
  • Call in professional tree surgeons when pruning and trimming your trees: While one may consider pruning to be a safe and easy process, it is in your tree’s best interest to hire professional tree surgeons. When trimming during times of growth, one must be cognisant not to remove more than 10% of the tree branches, as this can put your tree at risk for disease or even pests.
  • Get your trees inspected: Notice your tree having an irregular growth pattern? Caused by poor pruning, severe weather, or abnormal growing conditions, poor tree architecture can indicate a weakness or a structural imbalance. While there are many indicators to determine an unhealthy tree, it is in your tree’s best interest to consult with professional tree surgeons. Professional tree surgeons have the experience and technology needed to provide you with a true diagnosis, as well as the next best steps you should take.

Looking for Professional Tree Surgeons in Jacksonville, FL?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your tree’s health, it may be time to contact professional tree surgeons. At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, our staff of Certified Arborists and Professional Tree Surgeons in Jacksonville, FL have decades of combined experience. Our team will arrive with the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to evaluate your tree(s) health and determine if your tree can be treated or requires removal.

Bushor’s Tree Surgeons’ staff of Professional Tree Surgeons in Jacksonville, FL has been providing exceptional tree services in Jacksonville, Florida and St. Augustine, Florida for over fifty years. You can learn more about our full-service tree care company by visiting our ‘About Us’ page. Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our Professional Tree Surgeons in Jacksonville, Florida CONTACT PAGE to set up your consultation with our team of professionals. Our tree care services include, but are not limited to Tree Removal, Tree Trimming/Pruning, Custom Blended Fertilizers, Tree Disease Diagnosis/Treatment, Cabling & Bracing, and Stump Removal.