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The decision to remove a tree is not one to take lightly. Bushor’s Tree Surgeon’s will help you make an informed decision. We provide a professionally skilled workforce and specialized equipment to remove any tree, anywhere while preserving your landscape and property. Don’t let price be the determining factor on who you choose to remove your tree; cheaper companies have to cut corners leaving you at risk of property damage or worse! At Bushor’s Tree Surgeons, we don’t cut corners! Every crew is equipped with turf-friendly equipment and ground protection mats to preserve your landscape and property.

We Provide:

  • Tree health assessments
  • Professional and knowledgeable crews
  • Specialized equipment to make tree removal safe and efficient
  • Crane-assisted tree removal
  • Grapple truck debris removal

When To Call for Tree Removal Services

  • Dead trees
  • Trees with declining health or diseased trees
  • Unwanted trees
  • Trees that interfere with or are causing damage to structures or utilities
  • Damaged trees
  • Trees with structural defects that could be hazardous
  • A tree has fallen on your home or on your property
  • To prevent tree disease from spreading to other trees

Our Process

We study the specific needs of our clients and suggest work accordingly. However, here are some standard steps that we follow:

Evaluation & Estimate: To provide an accurate estimate, we meet with the client to gain knowledge of their concerns, inspect the trees, and gain knowledge of any site concerns/obstacles. This is a good time to request certificates of insurance(All COI’s are required to come directly from the insurance agent. This is for your protection). 

Scheduling: All work is scheduled based on logistics, crew & equipment required, and in consideration of the convenience for the clients. 

Work: We send out a crew of professional arborists and equipment to handle your tree care needs. Our employees will be in uniform and professional at all times. We use specialized equipment that is properly maintained, cleaned, and inspected for our safety and yours. A “pre-work” walk around with the client is preferred so all expectations are conveyed. All work will be done safely and efficiently with our workers safety & the preservation of your property as our highest priority. You can expect a first-class clean up, ensuring we leave no mess behind. At the end of the job, if the client is available our foreman or manager will go over the work that was performed.

Billing: Upon completion to your satisfaction, invoices will be emailed (or mailed if required) with a link to online payments as well as instructions for other payment options. No tree service should require money before the job is completed.

Trusted Tree Removal Jacksonville FL

Since 1962, our experience and knowledge of trees will ensure your tree removal project goes smoothly.

Our A+ Better Business Bureau and reputation in Duval County bring you peace of mind regarding any tree care project you present to us. With free estimates and convenient scheduling, Bushor’s Tree Surgeons arborists are standing by to protect the safety of your property and the health of your trees.

Our Qualifications

Few tree professionals know the trees of Greater Jacksonville as well as we do. We have three Certified Arborists that work on our crew to ensure the highest quality of tree care in the city.

Our Capabilities

Our company has more than 50 years of experience in all phases of tree care needs and our customer-focused approach makes us the best tree company!

Our Commitment

We feel that there will always be a need for true tree professionals in the Jacksonville area. We will always strive to save and care for your trees and help you with all your tree needs.