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We offer professional tree trimming and pruning services in Jacksonville, FL & surrounding areas.We specialize in making trees safer and more beautiful, so you can enjoy the landscape at your home or business. Routine trimming and pruning of your trees keeps them healthy and looking great. Using our services for regular maintenance of your trees is one of the best steps you can take to keep your property looking its best

Pruning: Cleaning of the canopy by removing the dead, damaged, cracked or diseased branches to reduce the risk of branches falling from the canopy and to reduce the movement of decay, insects and disease. 

Trimming: Selectively removing small live branches to reduce crown density. Proper trimming retains crown shape and size and should provide an even distribution of foliage throughout the canopy. Trimming increases sunlight penetration and air movement through the crown. Trimming is not lion-tailing (a poor pruning practice in which an excessive amount of interior limbs/sprouts are removed leaving mostly all the foliage on the end of the branch)! 

Canopy Elevation/Lifting: Selective removal of branches to provide vertical clearance for buildings, vehicles, signs, pedestrians, and view. 

Structural Pruning: Removal of live branches to influence spacing, growth rate, strength of attachment and the ultimate size of branches. This can reduce the load (weight) on a branch attachment or branch defect. Structurally pruning a young tree can promote good growth habits that will benefit the tree over its lifetime. 

We combine a variety of these tree trimming and pruning services to keep your trees healthy and looking their best. Trees are a vital part of our environment, and it’s our responsibility to take good care of them. This is why we provide a full range of affordable tree care services for all kinds of trees in the Jacksonville, FL & surrounding areas.

Tree trimming & pruning can help with: 

  • Reducing hazards – by removing branches that are prone to failure
  • Improve tree health – removal of dead branches and the selective removal of live branches can increase tree vigor and allow light and air to movement into the canopy to improve tree health

To keep your trees healthy and attractive, let a true professional maintain your trees. Bushor’s Tree Surgeons has the knowledge and experience to provide the best service for you and your trees needs.

Our Process

We study the specific needs of our clients and suggest work accordingly. However, here are some standard steps that we follow:

Evaluation & Estimate: To provide an accurate estimate, we meet with the client to gain knowledge of their concerns, inspect the trees, and gain knowledge of any site concerns/obstacles. This is a good time to request certificates of insurance(All COI’s are required to come directly from the insurance agent. This is for your protection). 

Scheduling: All work is scheduled based on logistics, crew & equipment required, and in consideration of the convenience for the clients. 

Work: We send out a crew of professional arborists and equipment to handle your tree care needs. Our employees will be in uniform and professional at all times. We use specialized equipment that is properly maintained, cleaned, and inspected for our safety and yours. A “pre-work” walk around with the client is preferred so all expectations are conveyed. All work will be done safely and efficiently with our workers safety & the preservation of your property as our highest priority. You can expect a first-class clean up, ensuring we leave no mess behind. At the end of the job, if the client is available our foreman or manager will go over the work that was performed.

Billing: Upon completion to your satisfaction, invoices will be emailed (or mailed if required) with a link to online payments as well as instructions for other payment options. No tree service should require money before the job is completed.

Increase your Property Value with Bushor’s Tree Surgeons

Property owners looking for ways to keep their property safe and increase the value of their property, look no further than Bushor’s Tree Surgeons! Markets show that properties with properly maintained trees have a higher property resale value. Routine maintenance of your trees is an investment into your property!

Tips on How to Maintain Your Trees:

Annual Evaluation: Have one of our I.S.A. Certified Arborists inspect your trees on an annual basis and after significant weather events. 

Avoid damaging the roots: Any activity that could cause harm, such as digging or construction work around your trees should be discussed prior to causing damage to the root system. Root system damage can take years to correct and in some cases ultimately cause the death of the tree.

Routine Maintenance: Selective removal of live branches and removal of dead branches will promote good structure and healthy trees.

Our Qualifications

3 ISA Certified Arborist – Over 100 years of combined Arboricultural experience, working together for real tree solutions Licensed & Fully Insured – General Liability & Workers Compensation (up to date and easily verifiable).

Our Capabilities

With our fully equipped, expert staffed tree crews no job is too big for Bushor’s Tree Surgeons. Our staff is regularly trained in new safety and arboriculture standards. Providing our crews with specialized equipment means each job is completed in a fast and professional manner.  

Our Commitment

There will always be a need for professional arborists in Jacksonville. It is our goal and commitment to not only satisfy each one of our customers but to educate and advocate for proper tree care throughout our city. Promoting proper tree care practices is important in preserving our tree canopy for future generations.