05 Aug 2018

When Should You Get a Tree Removed

Sick or dead trees may not always be easy to identify. Some trees are beyond help while other trees can be saved. Sick and dead trees are not only unsightly, they can be a danger to you, your property, neighbors, and other plants and trees. Throughout the year, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the trees on your property. Take note if you see any changes in the tree that are odd or troubling. If you think a tree in your yard is in distress or dead, it’s time to call a tree specialist. A tree specialist can determine if your tree should be removed from your property.

As a Jacksonville tree service company, our team at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons offers tree removal services. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove a tree for safety reasons. Our team of certified arborists have the knowledge, experience, and equipment do remove your tree (or trees) safely and correctly. We specialize in difficult-to-remove trees. We remove trees with the goal of minimizing the damage to your surrounding landscape.

Our team at Bushor’s wanted to share some signs of when you should get a tree removed from your property. If your tree has any of the signs below, call us and we will come and evaluate the tree(s) and determine if the tree can be saved or needs to be removed.

Does Your Tree Need to Be Removed?

If you’re questioning if a tree in your yard may need to be removed, consider the following:

  • Does the tree have a lot of missing bark? Is it falling off?
  • Is your tree infested with bugs?
  • Is your tree discolored? Are the leaves or bark discolored?
  • Is the tree missing large sections of leaves?
  • Does your tree have a widowmaker? A widowmaker is a branch that is broken off from the tree. It gets wedged in the other branches and can be a potential hazard if it falls.
  • Is your tree leaning?
  • Is fungus growing on your tree?

At Bushor’s, we will remove your tree if we determine the tree is too sick to save or is already dead. We remove dead, damaged, and dying trees in Jacksonville. Dead or sick trees are a huge hazard to your property. These trees can break or fall at any time. You don’t want a dead tree or branch hitting you, a loved one, the house, a car, or a neighbor.

We don’t just remove dead or sick trees, if there is a tree that is a potential hazard to your home or in the way of new construction (shed, pool), we will remove the tree.

Don’t try removing trees on your property on your own. Tree removal is a dangerous process, and it should be handled by certified arborists who have experience and the right tools.  Our certified arborists know how to remove trees of all sizes and difficulty.

If we look at the tree and decide it can be saved, we will try and save the tree, offer solutions, and not remove it. Sometimes, tree replanting, soil treatment, and other practices can save the tree, but many times, diseases, infestations or other damage are too far gone.

Looking for Tree Removal Services in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you have any concerns about trees on your property, call our Jacksonville arborists today! We will examine and evaluate the health of the tree and come up with a plan to save or remove the tree. Our arborists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons in Jacksonville will arrive with the proper tools, equipment, and experience to evaluate your tree(s) and get the job done! Our arborists will let you know if your tree is sick/dead, how and why it may be sick/dead, and what your next steps should be.

Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is a tree service company based in Jacksonville, Florida, and services customers in Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine, Florida. Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our Tree Removal Jacksonville Fl contact page to learn more and to set up an appointment with one of our certified arborists.

18 Jun 2018

Reasons to Trim Your Trees

Just like the flowers and shrubs in your yard, your trees need some TLC too! Throughout the year, trees need to be maintained through trimming and pruning. Not only does tree trimming make the tree look better, it keeps the tree healthier, as well. In fact, tree maintenance has a lot of benefits for you and the tree.

Our team at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons offer tree trimming and pruning services to keep your trees healthy and attractive. For this article, we wanted to share with you some reasons you should get your trees trimmed throughout the year.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

  • Branches, especially dead or weak branches, can break or fall at any time. A falling branch is a safety hazard. A branch could hurt you, a loved one, a car, your home, or your neighbor’s property.
  • Tree trimming can help promote the structural integrity of the tree.
  • Tree trimming makes your tree more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Tree trimming promotes growth in the tree.
  • Tree trimming helps you shape the tree, so it fits a certain space in your property.
  • Tree trimming helps reduce shade.
  • Tree trimmings helps reduce wind resistance.
  • By trimming a tree, you can promote flower or fruit growth and production.
  • You can save a tree that just when through a bad storm through tree trimming.
  • Through tree trimming or pruning, you can help treat a tree that has a disease and prevent the disease from spread further.
  • Tree trimming helps give you a better view of things from your property. You may not want a tree to block your view of a lake or mountain by your home.
  • Through regular tree trimming and pruning, you are helping the tree from growing weak branches.
  • Tree trimming helps increase sun exposure and air circulation for the tree and all the flora under the tree and its canopy.
  • Tree trimming can make your property look bigger and more open.

There are different kinds of pruning a tree professional can do to your tree. Fine trimming is just removing small limbs to help improve the tree’s overall appearance. A standard trim involves more heavy cutting to help the tree’s branch structure. Hazard trimming/pruning is when branches are removed for safety concerns.

Tree specialists know when to trim your tree based on its variety, location, and the time of year. Our certified arborists know how to trim the trees without damaging the tree; we work to insure the highest quality of tree care in the city of Jacksonville. You don’t want to accidentally harm or kill your tree due to over-trimming or trimming at an improper time, which is why you should rely on a tree specialist.

Looking for Tree Trimming Services in Jacksonville, Fl?

If you’re looking to get your trees trimmed, it’s time to call a Jacksonville arborist! Our arborists at Bushor’s Tree Surgeons will arrive with the proper tools, equipment, and experience to evaluate your tree(s) and get the job done! Our arborists will inform you on how we are trimming the trees on your property, and how often they should be trimmed.

Bushor’s Tree Surgeons is a tree service company based in Jacksonville, Florida, and services customers in Ponte Vedra Beach and St. Augustine, Florida. Call us at 904-731-9100 or click our Tree Trimming Jacksonville Fl contact page to learn more and to set up an appointment with one of our certified arborists.

02 Mar 2018

Tree Care Tips

Preventative maintenance is the best way to preserve the vitality and longevity of your trees. Often times homeowners wait until it’s too late. We provide expert trimming services through highly qualified professional arborists, giving your trees the best care available.

If you have a tree that you suspect may be unstable, diseased, decayed or otherwise unhealthy CALL US! We have the capability of determining the condition of the inside of the trunk with a Resistograph. The Resistograph will detect any decay, hollowness or weakness inside the tree.

02 Mar 2018

Top Ten Tree Problems

Excessive crowding of trees:

Will cause them to grow tall and spindly, weaker and less desirable. Remove less valuable trees to allow the remaining trees to grow properly.

Thick Canopy:

Allowing too much wind resistance and excessive weight. Selectively thin out canopy by reducing the weight and allowing wind to pass through will promote a much healthier tree.

Leaning Trees:

With surface roots and heavy canopy’s, leaning trees can become an emanate danger to people and property. Lighten up or remove depending on the situation.

Boring Insects:

Borers are attracted to unhealthy trees, burrowing in and laying eggs inside the trunk. The best defense against these pests is to keep your trees healthy and unstressed.

Trees growing too close to a structure:

This can cause damage to roofs and foundations. To alleviate possible damage, trim back limbs from over roof and if necessary cut roots growing toward the structure.

Non Native/ Invasive Trees:

These trees rob much-needed nutrition from native specimen trees. Remove these trees and give life back to your more valuable trees.

Hardwood Stem Diseases:

Such as hispidus canker, hypoxylon cankers, root rot, etc. Remove diseased trees or treat if possible.

Tree trimming by unqualified personal:

This results in excessive stress on trees and can sometimes cause unrepairable damage. Always rely on an ISA Certified Arborist before this happens, he or she can offer solutions to correct the damage. Check a company’s qualifications through ISA-arbor.com, and the Better Business Bureau before making a regrettable decision.

Cracks between dominate and co-dominate stems:

These cracks can be caused by too much weight and inclement weather conditions. Lighten up each stem and possibly install cables for support.

Vines or Ivy Covering Canopy:

Vines add excessive weight and wind resistance. Cut or remove ivy or vines to reduce weight and keep your trees healthy.