Safely trim your trees in the spring

Safely trim your trees in the spring

Spring is a time of growth, especially in your yard. While trees bloom in the spring, there are many times you will see excess growth that you want to prune, but this might be harmful if one is not careful. Trimming in the fall/winter (when trees are dormant) can help prevent the spread of tree diseases. Although most people generally look to consider tree trimming services in the winter, when there are no leaves, there are still a number of reasons you should (safely) trim in the spring:

  • Safety: Even in the spring, your tree may have dead, dying or decaying branches. These must be trimmed in order to keep your tree, as well as your yard and home, safe. Branches and limbs that are not maintained can potentially become a safety hazard.
  • Aesthetics: Sometimes branches need to be cut in order to shape your tree, especially when there is extra growth in the spring. Also, you may have just planted a tree recently, and it is important to trim some young trees in order to refine their structure. 
  • Pollen: Pollen production can be reduced by trimming new growth on your trees. This can help to reduce the allergy effects of tree pollen, which can typically be felt in the spring season.

While one may consider pruning to be a safe and easy process, it is in your tree’s best interest to hire a tree trimming service company; especially in the springtime, when it is easy to harm your blooming tree. When trimming in the spring, one must be cognisant not to remove more than 10% of the tree branches, as this can put your tree at risk for disease or even pests. Additionally, there are certain trees that absolutely should not be touched during the spring season, as they are at an increased risk for disease and pest infestation. A tree trimming service company has the knowledge, experience and technology needed to ensure the safety of your tree throughout the trimming process.


Looking for a Tree Trimming Service in Jacksonville, FL?

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